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New NetSuite CRM+ features enhance ease-of-use with advanced AJAX-powered workflows

All AJAX-Powered Features Supported in New Firefox 3 Browser

SAN MATEO, Calif.—July 22 2008—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), a leading vendor of on-demand, integrated business management software suites for the mid-market enterprise business and divisions of large companies, today announced new capabilities for its flagship CRM product, NetSuite CRM+, featuring AJAX-powered workflows that enhance ease-of-use of marketing automation and knowledge management functionality used in customer support and customer service. These new workflows centre around step-wise, dynamic user interaction and are now also supported in the new Firefox 3 web browser, along with other unique industry-leading capabilities of NetSuite such as eXtreme list editing, rich-text editing, drag-and-drop and quick-add portlets. For more information about today's product release please visit

"NetSuite has long been the gold standard for the use of AJAX in business applications, pioneering rich, dynamic user interface capabilities in a browser application typically found only in desktop applications," said Mini Peiris, NetSuite Vice President of Product Marketing. "Today's new release of NetSuite CRM+ demonstrates our ongoing commitment to innovation and to addressing specific customer requirements."

New Features Increase User Productivity
Launched in May 2005, NetSuite CRM+ is NetSuite's most feature-rich CRM offering, encompassing CRM requirements at every phase of the customer lifecycle. Unlike other CRM offerings in the market which focus largely on prospect management, NetSuite CRM+ goes much further by giving growing businesses a 360-degree view of all customer interactions, as well as the ability to actually record sales transactions. NetSuite CRM+ includes order management, partner management, incentive management, and project tracking.

Today's new release adds to the rich heritage of NetSuite CRM+ and the use of innovative, AJAX-powered user interfaces for key functional areas with:

  • Step-wise Assistants for Marketing Automation—a new two-step assisted workflow for group creation allows marketers to easily segment and slice their target audience for focused campaign execution. Similarly, the workflow for the creation of simple marketing and email templates, as well as uploading rich HTML-based marketing templates has been greatly streamlined with productivity of the marketer as the primary focus.
  • Streamlined Knowledge Management for Customer Service—a new keyword search workflow is built directly into the user interface for case management to optimise the speed with which customer service and customer support reps can search for and find relevant content from the knowledge store to respond to a customer service inquiry. In addition, customer service reps can now add content for inclusion in the central knowledge store with one click from information already entered on the case for the response to the customer. This greatly increases the efficiency of case handling and helps to build the wealth of knowledge for re-use, so customer service reps are armed with the latest information and can offer better service and an enriched customer support experience.

NetSuite Supports Firefox 3
In addition to the enhanced workflow capabilities for NetSuite CRM+, NetSuite today also announced support for Firefox 3, the latest web browser version from the Mozilla Foundation. Firefox 3 has caused a resurgence of the browser wars, gaining some market share on Microsoft Internet Explorer and coming in second over Apple's Safari (source: MarketWatch—Firefox heats up new browser war against Microsoft). NetSuite supports all three web browsers—Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari—allowing customers complete freedom of choice when it comes to anytime, anywhere access to key business data.

Support for Firefox 3 also enables more users to run their business on NetSuite since Firefox supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Apple's OS-X and Linux. Mozilla reported that there had been more than 8 million downloads of the new browser in its first 24 hours of availability. NetSuite is one of the first business applications to support the new Firefox browser version, showing NetSuite's commitment to servicing customers by staying on the cutting edge of technology, and striving to fulfil market demand as new technology becomes available.

Pricing and Availability
New CRM+ features are available now at no additional cost. NetSuite CRM+ is offered at $129 per user per month. It is currently expected that Firefox support will be available in early August.

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