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Thousands of Users Switch to NetSuite

From Public Companies to Fast-Growing Businesses, Leaders Change to NetSuite

San Mateo, CA—July 26, 2006—NetSuite, Inc., the leader in on-demand business software suites, today announced that thousands of users from a spectrum of industries have switched from to NetSuite. This impressive list of switches includes companies such as Olympus NDT,,, Superheat FGH Services, Inc., UK-based Turing SMI and Nigeria-based Hyperia. In addition, hundreds of other customers have switched to NetSuite in the past 12 months. Due to the limitation of the product functionality including lack of features that are key to a business - financials and other back-office functionality- users switched to NetSuite for CRM+, representing a trend that companies need more than just CRM. To date, hundreds of companies have switched from to gain the cost savings and productivity benefits of NetSuite's One System for CRM, ERP and Ecommerce. For more information about customers who switched, please visit

Companies that have switched from are driven by the power of a single system NetSuite offers. Some of the customers who have switched to NetSuite include the following:

  • Olympus NDT — "We switched to NetSuite because didn't have the extra features NetSuite has, including order management," said Fabrice Cancre, COO, U.S. Operations, Olympus NDT (, a manufacturer and distributor of testing equipment headquartered in Waltham, Mass. "We have gradually increased NetSuite usage to our 100-plus member distributed sales team. We can create quotations and sales orders, and measure the forecast by product - something we couldn't do with We're continually deploying more NetSuite features and are planning to use even more of the advanced CRM+ features NetSuite is offering, as well as extending the Suite to our international offices."
  • — "NetSuite was the 'one system' we didn't have with and we would never have with," said Douglas Stein, VP, Development and Technology of Portland, Ore.-based (, a pioneer in online learning for students. "It's far more comprehensive, covering everything from lead generation to generating the month end financial statements. And we get all the extras at a price point that's still very similar to"
  • — "Going with NetSuite from the get-go is of course preferred, but we actually did it in two phases," said Brad Bader, Controller of (, a Chicago-based provider of online stock market analysis. "A year earlier, our company purchased against my recommendations. I saw that NetSuite was an integrated product, so I started using it for accounting, and it was wonderful. Once I convinced our management that NetSuite was the way to go, we made the full-blown switch."
  • Turing SMI (UK) — "Our switching from to NetSuite was driven by the need for an end-to-end management service that spanned sales, finance, marketing and HR," said Dominic Anschutz, CEO, Turing SMI, a global provider of BMC service management solutions with head office in Fareham, Hampshire, UK. "With NetSuite, we accomplished all of these objectives and more."
  • WebHost Automation Limited (UK) — "Our original research for an on-demand CRM application lead us to, and we used the application for about six months before realizing that we needed more-we really needed integration with billing," said Mark Hall, Founder and COO of UK-based WebHost Automation Limited. "Then we found NetSuite, which seemed to offer everything we needed. We now use NetSuite for billing, customer management and sales. Having everything in one place is definitely a huge benefit for us."
  • Hyperia Ltd (Nigeria) — "One of the reasons we switched to NetSuite is that was only CRM, but we needed ERP as well," said Sandeep Jayaswal, Executive Director for Nigeria-based Hyperia Ltd, a telecommunications company that is part of the CIS Group, with offices in Lagos, Nigeria. "Also, we were running two sets of data, which was a major problem. Having it all together in one system has made it much better."
  • Service Point — "We wanted a single solution for managing SFA and marketing as well as financials - inventory management, sales orders, etc.," said Tom Lambert, President of Service Point (, a growing provider of janitorial services based in Portland, Ore. "I didn't want to manage multiple systems and pay the cost for it. I used for one year with Service Point after having used it for another year before that."
  • Superheat FGH Services, Inc. — "The No. 1 reason we moved from to NetSuite was the integration," said Shari Farrell, VP of Administration at Ontario, Canada-based Superheat FGH Services, Inc. (, a pioneer in heat-treatment services. "With NetSuite, we have it all in one system. We train on one system. We execute everything on one system. It works so much better for us this way."
  • Sunlight Saunas — "We tried out for a short time but weren't able to customise it to the satisfaction of our sales team," said Aaron Zack, CEO, Sunlight Saunas (, a Lenexa, Kan.-based provider of luxury saunas for the home. "They complained of not being able to see notes very easily and everything being in different screens. Basically it wasn't user friendly enough. With NetSuite, we have a user-friendly system with the front and back-office tied together."
  • TargetX— "We were looking for software that could integrate our back end with sales force automation, and wasn't doing that for us," said Brian Niles of Bristol, Penn.-based TargetX (, a provider of interactive marketing solutions for colleges and universities. "Since we moved to NetSuite, everything is in one place."
  • Green Suites International — "NetSuite has allowed us to integrate our sales and accounting data with the customer database for more precise record keeping as well as minimizing the number of duplicate customers entered," said Cyndi Riggle of Green Suites International (, the lodging industry's leading supplier of environmental products and programs. "It is a one stop shop."
  • Assemble Connect, Inc. — "We used for two years and it was terrific for CRM. But in order to run a small business, we needed QuickBooks for accounting and other software as well," said Eric Wendt, President, Assemble Connect, Inc. (, a wholesale distributor of custom manufacturing products. " said we could get features by connecting to third parties, but we preferred using the subscription-based model for everything and wanted it all with one vendor. So we switched to NetSuite."