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NetSuite Kicks Off "Service as Software" Revolution with SuiteFlex

Partners Introduce a Dozen New Vertical Versions of NetSuite

NetSuite Solution Providers Can Now Create Industry-Specific Vertical Solutions in a Repeatable Fashion

SAN MATEO, CA—October 26, 2006—NetSuite, Inc., the leader in on-demand business management software, today unveiled SuiteBundler, a key component of SuiteFlex (see accompanying press release) to give solution providers the power to create industry-specific vertical solutions on NetSuite in a repeatable fashion. The configuration and cloning technologies included in SuiteBundler are the ground-breaking capabilities that usher in a new concept for the Software as a Service revolution — "Service as Software." Additionally, a number of NetSuite partners introduced a dozen new vertical editions for NetSuite using SuiteFlex technologies, targeting vertical markets. For more information about today's announcements please visit

Running a small or midsized business (SMB) is in many ways more difficult than running a Fortune 1000 company. SMBs have the same need to automate complex business processes, but they don't have the resources to hire an army of consultants to customise hard-to-use integrated applications like SAP for maximum efficiency and industry best practices. Solution providers targeting this enormous market have also been challenged to address the needs of SMBs for some of the very same reasons — mid-sized businesses are complex and they don't typically have the financial resources to pay for best practices implementations. If solution providers could find a repeatable way to meet the needs of SMBs, that problem could be solved and they could tap the enormous market of more than 7 million companies in the United States.

The combination of NetSuite and SuiteFlex address the challenges facing SMBs and the companies that wish to provide business application services to them. For end-user customers, NetSuite provides an integrated application that in many ways is more powerful than the traditional SAP application used at Fortune 1000 companies. For solution providers, SuiteFlex allows them to embed what was a one-off service offering for a single customer into a vertical software solution that can be sold to thousands of companies in an industry. And because NetSuite is an Internet application, solution providers can offer this solution on a global scale.

"SaaS is not just transforming the software market, SaaS is completely re-ordering the services industry as well," said Zach Nelson, CEO, NetSuite. "SuiteFlex does more than help solution providers respond to the challenge of SaaS. It enables them to do what they've always dreamed of doing — to transform their services offering into a repeatable product sale."

NetSuite's solution providers embraced the Service as Software revolution by introducing more than a dozen vertical solutions spanning a spectrum of markets including:

  • Flooring Distribution and Services – Epiphany, Inc.
  • Audio-Visual Services – Epiphany, Inc.
  • Specialty Retail – zeroedin, inc.
  • Event Management Services – Skyytek Worldwide
  • Outsourced Manufacturing – Skyytek Worldwide
  • Warehouse Management – 7Hills
  • Windows/Doors Distribution – Kuspide
  • Franchise Management – Explore Consulting
  • Multi-Channel Ecommerce – Marketworks
  • Quick-Service Restaurant Retail – Onsite Technology
  • Utilities – Ncompass Business Solutions
  • Staffing Services – Ncompass Business Solutions

Below are a few highlights:

Epiphany, Inc. (, based in Houston, Texas, is a NetSuite Solution Provider who has created dNet, a vertical solution built for the audio-visual industry, and FloorNet, a vertical solution for the floor care industry.

"We're happy that we've been able to customise NetSuite to create dNet and FloorNet to meet companies' specific requirements in the audio-visual services (AV) and commercial flooring services industries, respectively. And now thanks to SuiteBundler, other companies with those same business requirements can take advantage of these powerful, industry-customised solutions," said Brenda Brinkley, CEO of Epiphany, Inc.

zeroedin (, based in Corona, Calif., is a NetSuite Solution Provider who has created an Enterprise Retail Solution using NetSuite and Microsoft RMS for mid-market retail companies, leveraging SuiteBuilder to fashion a specific solution for specialty retailers.

"SuiteFlex has allowed us to integrate NetSuite's full suite — ERP + CRM — with our retailer clients' need for a strong point-of-sale (POS) product like Microsoft RMS," said Amy Servi, Managing Director of zeroedin. "SuiteBundler will enable us to create the industry-specific functionality that can be replicated from one retailer to another. This is a cost savings component that will attract retailers of all sizes to our unique retail solution."

Kuspide (, based in Toronto, Canada, is a NetSuite Solution Provider who has created QuoteCast that services the windows and doors distribution industry.

"Due to NetSuite's open architecture via SuiteFlex, Kuspide was able to create a seamless application by which windows and doors dealers could create industry specific quotes, in Kuspide's QuoteCast product, while tracking all of the order tracking process in NetSuite," said Robert Warwick, Account Manager, Kuspide.

NetSuite is not just enabling the creation of vertical product offerings with the new SuiteFlex platform, it is also offering programs to help make solution providers, resellers, and systems integrators successful in the emerging Services as Software model. The new "SuiteFlex Developer Program" has been established for those embracing this new concept to bring higher value to their clients. For more information about how to join the SuiteFlex Developer Program, please visit

And from the new NetSuite channel strategy's perspective, the SuiteFlex Developer Program is established to help solution providers achieve success in vertical markets by bringing them key benefits including:

  • Template development account with complete SuiteFlex Customisation, development and integration capabilities and access to the entire NetSuite suite of applications. Developers can create and test their Customisations, applications and integrations in this account and use it as a template for a repeatable solution they can deploy to multiple customers.
  • Online product and technical documentation and online product training
  • Phone and email technical support
  • Participation in the SuiteFlex developer forum
  • Eligibility to join NetSuite's Referral Program
  • Ability to apply for inclusion in the SuiteFlex Solutions directory.

"Solution providers are vital to small and mid-sized businesses," said Kristen Brown, vice president of Alliances and Channel Sales for NetSuite. "NetSuite's vertical market strategy is to support solution providers in building, marketing and delivering solutions built on NetSuite, and create opportunities for them in the vertical market. SuiteBundler provides ground-breaking technology to make it possible for our solution providers to achieve this goal. Additionally, today's newly released SuiteFlex Developer Program will fully support this undertaking."

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