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NetSuite Announces New UPS Shipping Capabilities

NetSuite Adds UPS WorldShip® for Large Volume and International Shippers

NetSuite Extends Integrated UPS Shipping Tools to NetSuite Small Business Customers

More than 1,000 NetSuite Customers Use Integrated UPS OnLine® Tools

SAN MATEO, Calif. LONDON, TORONTO and SINGAPORE—November 17, 2005—NetSuite, Inc., the leader in on-demand business management software for small and medium-sized businesses, today announced a number of significant new additions to its advanced UPS shipping integration that meet the needs of both large and small shippers. For those large volume shippers that are interested in streamlined shipping processes, NetSuite adds direct integration to UPS WorldShip and provides automatic generation of international shipping documents. This UPS integration is also available for Web-generated transactions, one of the first for any on-demand ecommerce application. NetSuite also developed a rate multiplier feature, which allows users to customise the UPS shipping rate by any percentage they choose. For users of NetSuite, these enhancements, along with the entire UPS OnLine Tools capabilities, come at no extra charge. For companies using NetSuite Small Business, these enhancements are available as components of the Advanced Shipping module for a modest monthly charge. For more information, please visit

NetSuite is one of the first on-demand applications directly embedded with UPS shipping tools to provide businesses with streamlined shipping management and simplified order tracking. The integrated offering brings results such as a seamless, end-to-end, order fulfilment capability with real-time visibility—saving labor costs and preventing costly data entry mistakes. The integrated offering also eliminates the problem of managing and manually exchanging data between separate order management, package tracking, shipping and customer service systems. To date, more than 1,000 NetSuite customers are using UPS OnLine Tools within NetSuite for their shipping needs.

"Unlike surface product integrations touted by some vendors, thousands of customers worldwide have demonstrated the power of the deep integration of UPS and NetSuite offerings. With these new additions, we simultaneously added features to help the largest shippers and the smallest start-ups," said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite.

"NetSuite and UPS share the belief that an integrated solution is the most efficient way to run a business. These newly integrated UPS features bring that vision to reality for customers that take advantage of NetSuite's solutions," said Jordan Colletta, UPS vice president of customer technology marketing. "It also brings new levels of functionality to ecommerce merchants, enabling them to streamline their order-to-shipment processes."

"We use NetSuite fully integrated with UPS OnLine Tools for the distribution and fulfilment of all of our products," said Phil Simkins, Purchasing Manager at Professional Support Services, LC, a large events production company based in Provo, Utah with over 200 users of NetSuite. "Earlier we had used a custom ordering system, but it wasn't integrated with our financial or CRM software. With NetSuite, we prevent duplicate entry as everything in our warehouse works together in real-time with the other departments of the company."

Pricing and Availability
Available immediately, UPS OnLine Tools and UPS WorldShip are components of NetSuite and NetSuite Small Business. UPS OnLine Tools and UPS WorldShip are an integral part of NetSuite and are a key element of the Advanced Shipping module of NetSuite Small Business, which is $99 USD/$120 CAD per month for the first user, and $49 USD/$50 CAD per month, per additional user.

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