Ceven Switches to NetSuite ERP and SuiteCommerce as Its Business Grows, Goes Direct-to-Consumer

Ceven is Argentina’s main wholesaler of technology products and home appliances. Founded in 1998, the company started with a B2B business model. Now, it also distributes printers, laptops and internet routers, as well as home appliances like air conditioning units and washing machines, directly to consumers via online marketplaces. Ceven recently expanded its product portfolio, which includes names like HP and Epson, to comprise 70 major brands.







Wholesale Distribution




50 to 99

Number of Subsidiaries


Other Solutions Considered

SAP Business One

Implementation Partner

Preteco S.A.


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“In technology, making things simple makes them better, and NetSuite has helped us achieve that.”Marcelo Massarani, CEO, Ceven

Reinventing to Expand

Technology fuels a new business model
After using the same homegrown business system for 20 years, Ceven’s leadership determined that it would need a more powerful solution in order to add direct-to-consumer and online sales to its business model. The company’s requirements included a cloud-based system that would easily integrate with ecommerce marketplaces.
The change pays off

Ceven chose NetSuite OneWorld as an ERP and SuiteCommerce for its new B2B and B2C ecommerce operations. The team integrated the system with over 30 ecommerce marketplaces, and they can view stock levels and adjust prices in real time. Customers enjoy a choice of payment methods because Ceven’s SuiteCommerce site integrates with eight banks, and they trust the NetSuite platform, which is known for its strong security.

Benefits of going digital
Ceven has benefitted from its new business system in areas beyond ecommerce. While many companies in Argentina paused operations during 2020 lockdowns, Ceven’s teams easily worked from home via the cloud. As a result, market share and revenue increased. NetSuite’s automatic updates ensure Ceven is always using cutting-edge technology, an assurance it lacked with its on-premises system.
Staying ahead
Ceven now generates 10,000 invoices per day through marketplaces and handles them seamlessly in NetSuite. In the four years since launching ecommerce and direct-to-consumer, revenue has increased more than 400%. The company aims to continue using technology to stay a step ahead of its competitors.


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